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Why finance your business at the Leorm crowdfunding platform?

Fast application assessment process.

Personal approach to every financing application.

Interest rates from 0.58 % per month.

Personalized loan repayment terms.

Special financing opportunities for real estate development companies.

Fill out the form to get personal offer for your business financing

The information collected in this application will be used only for the purpose of determining possibility of financing and will be kept strictly confidential. (Data manager: LEORM, OU Reg.No. 14759007)

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Your Questions About your business financing

You apply for fundraising campaign for your business project. That means, your project will be placed at the platform for fundraising campaign. Multiple registered investors of the Leorm platform will see your project and will invest in the financing for your project. Investors’ financing is a loan for you.

Our investors invest in loans that is why you enter into a loan contract.

Any legal entity of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland which meets the requirements for financing. When selecting the projects, we assess the creditworthiness of their owners, the business plan and the collateral (providing that loan-to-value ratio does not exceed 0.75)

The Leorm platform accepts perspective real estate projects with a short-term (3-24 months) to mid-term (25-36 months) loan period and loan-to value ratio less than 75%. In some cases, the platform accepts other projects as well (not real estate). Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail with your project’s detailed information to discuss possibilities of financing for your project or business.

The fee for fundraising campaign organising at the Leorm platform is 3-5% (see Pricing ). Annual interest rate you will offer for your investors is 7-24%. It depends on the risk level of your project, and it is subject for discussion with the platform’s representatives before your project is placed at the Leorm platform for the fundraising campaign.

In order to evaluate whether your project is eligible for fundraising campaign at the Leorm platform, we would ask to submit the information below:

  • Photos and/or video of your collateral property;
  • Loan amount and period;
  • Short description of your business and/or project;
  • Property’s assessment certificate;
  • Extract of the Register of the property;
  • Financial statement of the legal entity for the last 1 year
  • The amount required for your project can be pulled within 2 weeks or faster. It depends on how attractive your project is for the investors of the Leorm platform.

    The raised amount of loan will be transferred to the project’s originators account as soon as the documents on the guarantees of performance obligations (for example, pledge of property) have been provided.

    No. A borrower (project’s originator) is eligible to repay the loan. The interest for the investors will be calculated based on the number of days the financing were at the borrower’s possession.

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